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Finding properties with investment potential

Property can be a great investment. Pick the right place, at the right time, and you’ll get a stronger return than you would from pretty much anything else. But whether you’re looking for your first property or adding to your portfolio, finding that perfect place takes time – and work.That’s where we come in. We’ll identify, view and investigate properties with real potential, presenting you with a handpicked selection. You can take the reins from there, or we can negotiate your sale, refurbish your new property and even manage your tenants, bringing you a healthy, hassle-free return that’s typically between 8 and 30%.

The right strategy for you

Looking for a hands-on project? Or maximum return for minimum effort? Either way, we’ve got a strategy that can work for you. We’ll often look to buy at below market value, helping homeowners who need a fast sale, and bringing you a genuine bargain. If it is just a return on your hard-earned money you are after, we’ll create an investment plan and make it as low risk as possible. We know that property can be a safer bet than other investment strategies.Once we find you a property, there’s a whole host of ways we can help you get the most from your investment. Typically, they include refurbishment and resale, rent-to-rent, serviced accommodation and lease options to name a few. Let us know what property strategies you are interested in, or would like to find out more about, and join the VIP list.

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Refurbishment & resale

If you’re looking to make a short-term investment with a powerful return, refurbishment and resale (often called buy-to-sell, BRR, or flipping) is a smart option. You take a tired house with real potential, refurbishing, redecorating and selling it on for a healthy profit. It’s a popular route and it helps improve the standard of living in the local area.But as easy as that sounds, it’s a whole lot of work. So if you like the idea of flipping, but don’t want to get your hands dirty – or even manage the people who do – we can look after the whole thing for you. No stress, no fuss, just a fast turnaround and a great return.

Property Management

People have been going down the buy-to-let route for a long time, picking up properties to secure a regular rental income. But it’s not always that straightforward. Renting out one or more properties can be time consuming. There’s the hassle of finding and vetting tenants, the work it takes to maintain buildings, and the worry of costly void periods. That’s why we offer a stress-free alternative where we can handle all of the property management, while you relax with a regular, reliable income. Easy.