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Time to move on?

Nothing beats the feeling of buying a home, especially your first home together. A place to start a family, build a life or plan your future. But life doesn’t stand still and as you or your family grows, it might feel too small, or even too big, for your needs.If it’s time to move on, but you’re worried about the value of your house, we can help. We know sometimes homes are worth less than you’d like, but at Nest Egg we believe that shouldn’t stand in your way. Our simple, stress-free approach is designed to get you moving, and it comes with friendly, practical support, every step of the way.

Here’s how we can help

Everyone’s different and before we make any recommendations we’ll always talk through your situation – what you’d like to achieve and what you think is standing in your way. We’ll explore all the options, which can include our team:

  • Renovating your property to maximise its potential, then sharing with you the extra value we add.
  • Connecting you with our investors, who are looking for homes just like yours.
  • Helping you secure a really quick sale so you can get moving as soon as possible.
  • Buying your property ourselves and renting it out to tenants.
  • Agreeing the sale price you want now, but competing the sale at a future date that suits us both
    – and in the meantime, managing the property by renting it out.
  • Entering into a joint venture with you and managing the property for you.
  • Buying your property the traditional way through an estate agent.

Why Nest Egg?

There are plenty of companies out there who’ll sell your home fast, often for less than you’d hoped. We’re proud to be different. We know people need to move for lots of reasons, so we listen to your story, then create a personalised plan that really works.With more than a decade’s experience in the property industry, we’re able to achieve results you might not think possible. We’ve a whole range of effective ways to help you move onwards and upwards, and we’ll make sure we find the best one for you.

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Need to get moving fast?

For lots of people, a quick move is really important, and if it’s not happening with a traditional estate agent, that can feel really frustrating. At Nest Egg we know the pressures you’re facing and we’re here to help you secure a quick, stress-free sale.It might be that you’ve seen your dream house and you don’t want to miss out, or you’ve had a sale fall through after having an offer on your new home accepted. Maybe you’re relocating or emigrating and need to tie up loose ends before you leave.Whatever your circumstances, we’ll work with you to find an approach that fits, and we may even be able to offer you full market value or better for your home.

Worried about negative equity?

There are several reasons people fall into negative equity, and we know that’s a worrying place to be.Maybe you bought your home just before the market crashed, or you’ve re-mortgaged and now you owe more than it’s worth. Perhaps your home needs work to achieve its full value, but you haven’t got the funds to do it.When it comes to moving, negative equity can feel like a huge barrier. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ll recommend an approach that works for you, working hard to give you what you need and help you move on.

Struggling to pay the mortgage?

If your circumstances change and your mortgage payments feel unmanageable, you might think repossession or bankruptcy are your only ways out. That’s not always true.We may be able to take on your debt, so you can move on with your life – or manage your property and your mortgage payments until it’s the right time to sell. There’s a whole range of possibilities, so talk to us about what’s happening and we’ll do our best to turn things around.

Not sure what Brexit will bring?

At this point, nobody knows for certain how property prices will be affected by Brexit. Like many in the industry, we feel there will be some fluctuation in the market, but how big this will be remains to be seen.At Nest Egg, we believe this isn’t something you need to fear. We have solutions that can ride the storm of a downturn in the market, and we’ll put them to work for you.

Hassle-free help for landlords

If you’re a landlord getting tired of managing your properties, we can help. We know looking after tenants and keeping up with constantly changing regulations is hard work, so we’re here to make life simpler and easier.Maybe you’re thinking of selling one or more properties, or you’d like to retire but you’re not quite ready to let them go. Maybe you’d just like someone to step in and take the hassle out of running your portfolio. No problem.Whatever your situation, talk to us. We’ve got a whole range of ways to realise your property's potential and make those headaches go away.

The right move for you

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, so whatever your situation, talk to us. We’re here to help. If that just means sharing some free advice, that’s absolutely fine.We’ll make recommendations based on your individual needs, whether that means working with us or not. If we believe your best option is to use a traditional estate agent, we’ll say so, and we can even put you in touch with a trusted partner at a good rate.On the other hand, if we know we’ve got an approach that could really work for you, we’ll talk it through and put together a personalised plan. No pressure, no stress and no obligation.

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