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Turning problem properties into sure-fire sales

We admit it, you’re the experts. As estate agents you know the area, you know the market, you know what works and what doesn’t. But no matter how brilliant you and your people are, there are probably a few properties on your books that, for whatever reason, you’re finding tricky to sell or let.We can help. At Nest Egg, we work with estate agents, homeowners and landlords to help sell or let properties in a way that leaves everyone happy.

More commission, faster

It almost goes without saying: you want to sell or let properties as quickly as possible. Partnering with Nest Egg can help you do just that.We can connect you with a portfolio of keen investors who are ready to buy overlooked properties or homes with investment potential. We also offer sellers and landlords a cost-effective consultation and refurbishment service that focuses on improving the areas that really add the most value. Both approaches can help you sell or let a property faster, for more money, ultimately securing you a larger commission.

Offer your customers ★★★★★ service

We all know how frustrated sellers and landlords can get if their homes aren’t attracting much interest. Regardless of their properties’ shortcomings, it’s often estate agents who get the blame.A referral to Nest Egg can not only help you move properties faster, but also demonstrate your commitment to providing the best customer service, in turn boosting reviews and recommendations. It’s about working together to achieve a great result for everyone.

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